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Discovering Frankincense

Updated: Mar 10, 2021

My Frankincense Journey started in May 2015 when Moroccan Essentials exhibit at a holistic, mind, body & soul exhibition in the Midlands, UK, I was introduced to the magikal incense that changed my life, the sweet aroma was so very uplifting, but also calming and grounding at the same time which made it so interesting to me, I needed to learn more.

Four months later….

I travelled to the sacred land of Frankincense & at the time of harvest.

Oman is in the Middle East, located on the South Eastern edge of the Arabian Peninsula, bordering the Arabian Sea. It is the oldest independent state in the Arab world, a beautiful, friendly country with a rich history.

When I arrived at the Shangri-La in Muscat, we were greeted with the sweet calming aroma of Frankincense, it was burning in the middle of a beautiful centre-piece near reception, the smell was so divine, known to purify the air, eliminating any toxic particles or negative energy. Imagine if we were all burning Frankincense at home right now.

I was accompanied by a connoisseur whom taught me everything one could possibly know about the sacred resin. We travelled deep south of Oman to Salalah where the Frankincense trees are grown, this is the place to source the best Frankincense.

When I landed at the airport the women were literally covered from head to toe, including their eyes with a cloth over their heads, which I found fascinating, I couldn't help but stare, I was also brought up muslim and this was my first time I saw a muslim covering their eyes, I remember thinking I was in for a treat for the next 3 weeks, I was ready to take it all in.

I learned history from the land, I visited The Frankincense Museum (pictured below), ruins of the busiest ports from thousands of years ago when Oman was one of the biggest Frankincense distributors worldwide.

I had the privilege to enter the sacred land, guarded and gated it was forbidden territory.

I am grateful I had the opportunity to be allowed to visit the Frankincense trees (pictured below) and roaming freely, discovering the land and what it had to offer, as we walked through the desert in the 40 degree heat, The connoisseur tapped one of the trees to show me the magikal sap, we walked towards a mountain and found an open crave, so quiet so peaceful, we started to focus on our breath and meditated in the cave and to my surprise I learned it was a crystal cave.

What is Frankincense and where does is come from?

Thousands of years ago Frankinsence was once only available to Kings and Queens.

Many know it was given to Jesus at his birth, one of gifts from the 3 Wiseman, Frankincense, Gold and Myrrh, known for it’s health and homeopathic properties.

It can regenerate damage cells in the body, such as cancerous cells without causing any harm.

Frankincense is 100% natural and comes from inside the trees.

The territory of the trees are guarded by the army for protection, the sacred trees are only harvested by the mountain people (Jabel) a craft that has been handed down through generations, it takes skill to tap the trees without damage.

During the rainy season the dessert turns into a Forrest, the only place in the whole of the Middle East that has a natural Forrest grown by Mother Nature.

All the neighbouring Arab countries travel to the magikal Forrest to camp and retreat for weeks, soaking up nature.

The trees are tapped once a year and for the next 3 consecutive years and left to rest for the following year to avoid over tapping which could cause the trees to bleed.

When a Frankincense tree is tapped, the sap oozes out of the bark which looks like honey, the sap trickles down towards the roots and left to dry and harden naturally, before carefully collecting the resins for distribution.

Every tree is different, there are so many different types of grades that can come out of 1 tree and it will be different every time and you will not know which grade it would produce that year.

The saps produce resins smelling of citrus, sweet orange, lemon, lime, amber and in different types of colours too, all depending on the amount of rainfall, sunshine and wind each tree endures during the rainfall season, which determine the type of Frankincense produced that year, which also effects the price.

For example Green Frankincense is the rarest of all Frankincense and the highest grade.

During the time we where in Oman there wasn't much Green Frankincense available as the tree did not produce enough, this could be due to the lack of rainfall that year, so this is why the Green Frankincense can cost as much as £30 per 25g.

The Benefits of Frankincense

Known for it's magikal healing properties, used to smudge spaces, helps you relax and deepen meditation practice, connecting you to your higher self, your soul, body and mind, clearing away negative energy, toxic particles, anything that no longer serves you and your highest good.

It promotes courage, creativity, peace, inner strength, wisdom, contentment, some say immortality.

It has medicinal purposes to help heal any damaged cells without any harm to your body. It regulates blood circulation, improves asthma, relieves severe arthritic pain, helps you have a good night sleep, the list goes on.

There are many ways to use Frankincense, the traditional and common way is it to burn it.

I put a piece of Green Frankincense inside my 2 litre spring water bottle, to digest the healing properties but also you can use this water on your face as a little face mist or gentle cleanser for your skin, regenerate those skin cells. You can chew it like gum. It’s also used as a yoni steam and many use it for sacred ceremonies.

The reason I have added this healing magikal resin to our Moroccan Essentials collection, I feel Frankincense is part of our Heritage, from our Arab ancestors.

Moroccans also smudge their space with Frankincense and other herbs (which I will introduce later), it is a big part of our culture, we smudge it in the morning, in the evening and before and after guest visit our home. I am burning it as I write this blog.

If you would like to introduce this into your life, be prepared as it something that you will always need, I have made this a part of one of my tools for my wellbeing.

All of our Frankincense is organic and sustainably sourced.

I have created a Frankincense Starker Kit to help you begin your self-care spiritual journey.

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I would love to hear your feedback please comment below.

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Venessa Hurst
Venessa Hurst
11 mar 2021

Wonderful. May God Bless you and your connoisseur for guiding and showing you the way xx

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