Who we are

Moroccan Essentials are specialist in Hammam rituals and luxury high vibrational products.


Welcome and discover ancient beauty secrets traditional spa practices, scared rituals and holistic treatments.


Moroccan Essentials is reviving and restoring the traditional Hammam bathing rituals through training education. 

Time has proven the authentic Hammam wisdom improves your health, calms the mind and heals your body, leaving you with a glow of radiants and very soft skin.


The Hammam cleansing ritual is the most preferred treatment of all time.


Our luxury range is full of important minerals which contributes to healthy skin. Our artisan skincare is suited to all skin types.

Straight from mother earth, containing natural healing elements to balance, nature your body, mind and connecting you back to wellness.

​​We ensure our skin care products are the best, natural, high quality, straight from the source and carried out in the most ethical way.


Learn, discover, re-fresh and implement the scared ancient rituals wisdom, secrets held and past down by our ancestors for thousands of years, to generation to generation.

We provide educational in-house training to all spas nationally, internationally and on seas.

For more information about training please contact us here info@moroccanessentials.co.uk


We also train individuals whom want to learn the hammam rituals. This course opens twice a year. Join our waiting list.

Becoming a stockist

For more information to become our stockist please contact us here spa@moroccanessentials.co.uk.

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