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Who we are

Discover Moroccan Essentials ancient beauty secrets through our skin care range and traditional spa practices, sacred rituals and holistic treatments.


Our luxury skin care range is 100% nature straight from Mother Nature, organic and ethically sourced, no chemicals or parabens are used and cruelty-free. 

We believe in clean skin care and taking care our largest organ of our body - the skin. 

Our sustainable products are full of vital minerals which contributes to healthy skin. 

Our artisan skincare is suited to all skin types and ingredients have been past down through generations.



Our Hammam Spa

Opened July 2021

A women sanctuary in central London, a place to unwind, relax and purify your body, mind and soul.

Our mission is to enlighten the world with the undiscovered, authentic sacred Moroccan beauty secrets, rituals that have been passed down by my ancestors through centuries, through our products and now through the hammam a Hammam Spa.


The Founder of Moroccan Essentials London created a women only spa so women can feel free, a safe space for sisters to gather, without judgment, building a community of women where you can be yourself and relish in heavenly healing beauty rituals as we have been doing in Morocco for centuries.

Bringing the essence of Morocco to you in London.


I’ll be offering Moroccan Essentials products in our Hammam, through self-application or hire a kessia/therapist to nourish and heal your body with our high vibrational products.


We provide Hammam Training


We are the first British Brand to provide Hammam training in the UK & Ireland.

We specialist in Hammam rituals.

We revive and restore the traditional Hammam bathing rituals through training education. 

​​Time has proven the authentic Hammam wisdom improves your health, calms the mind and heals your body, leaving you with a glow of radiants and very soft skin. The Hammam cleansing ritual is the most preferred treatment of all time.


Learn, discover, re-fresh and implement the scared ancient rituals wisdom, secrets held and past down by our ancestors for thousands of years.

We provide educational in-house training to all spas nationally, internationally and on seas.


​For more information about training please contact us



To becoming a stockist


Please contact us here 

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