Moroccan Essentials

Revives and restores

traditional Moroccan beauty secrets & rituals, through our luxury artisan skincare range 

and training
Embracing the holistic

approach to health and wellness

Heal & calm
your senses
with our luxury skincare 

Discover ancient healing beauty rituals,

our sacred practice have been held and passed down by our ancestors for thousands of years.


Moroccan Essentials implements, revives and restores the traditional Moroccan spa techniques through education and knowledge.

We teach the undiscovered Moroccan Hammam ancient spa rituals & treatment journeys the sacred practice has been held and passed down by our ancestors for thousands of years.

Embracing the holistic approach to health and wellness.

We are the first & currently the only British company to provide training with ancient luxury product range in the UK.

If you require training, please contact us.

We aim to bring your the best Moroccan skincare essentials, to help you heal your skin, improve your mental health and stress all through our skincare, ancient herbal and aromatherapy. 

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Moroccan Essentials Founder Sharifa Bakali