Frankincense starter kit


Prefect to start your frankincense journey for calm and peace.

Frankincense Gift Set Inculdes:

Terrocatta Burner 



Frankiencse 60g in a glass jar 


Benefits of frankincense:

Clearing your space

Purifies the air form any toxic particles

Deepens your mediation practice

Lifts you from anxiety, stress and depression 

Helps you feel calm & grounded 

Natural scent for your space

Promotes a good night sleep. 


How to use:

1.Light up the charcoal 

2.Place charcoal in a clay burner

3. Wait 30 seconds for charcoal to burn all the way through.

4. Place a piece of frankincense raisin on top of the charcoal

5. Wait for the smoke to raise

6. Go to every corner of your space (home) with the burner lit frankincense to cleanse your space (enure windows are open) 

7. Relax or mediate and enjoy the therapeutic aroma, welcome in the calm.

Frankincense Starter Kit


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