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Frankincense starter Set  Perfect to start your spiritual frankincense journey for calm and peace. Frankincense Gift Set Inculdes: 100g Citrus Frankincense Terracotta Burner CharcoalTongs  Benefits of frankincense:Clearing your spacePurifies the air Deepens your meditation practiceNatural scent for your spaceBeing calm to your space Rids of unwanted energy How to use:1.Light up the charcoal2.Place charcoal in a clay burner3. Wait 30 seconds for charcoal to burn all the way through.4. Place a piece of frankincense raisin on top of the charcoal5. Wait for the smoke to raise6. Go to every corner of your space (home) with the burner lit frankincense to cleanse your space (enure windows are open) 7. Relax or mediate and enjoy the therapeutic aroma, welcome in the calm. Ingredients:A sap/ resin straight from the tress in Oman, this product is 100% natural and ethically sourced. Shelf life:It does not go off or turn bad, if stored away out of sunlight. Warnings:Open windows before and during usage as the smoke can set off fire alarms.

Frankincense Gift Set

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