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Dealing With Burn Out

Updated: Jul 24, 2023

Can women all agree in this generation we are doing too much?

In many cases, we are expected to raise the children (which is our job) and the take care of the household, contribute to paying for the household and work, work like we don't have children and raise our children like we don't work. This is madness and extremely unfair. No wonder we are BURNING OUT,

We do way too much and on top of that, we can feel unappreciated and unvalued, from all our hard work we put in to keep the family and household together (and ourselves), which usually results in us falling apart by burning at both ends, I am the only one feeling this or has gone through this?

Oh did I mention I am a single mother too? I definitely accumulated my grey hairs from running my own business and being a single mother, saying all of this I do stay in gratitude, one of the tools I have to help me sane to keep me from burn out.

In December I was talking to my staff and saying I feel I am doing too much and I need to get away to Morocco to have a well needed rest. I wanted to take my 4 year old with me but I know I wouldn't be able to get the rest I needed, she said "go on your own", I repeated "go on my own!?" I thought, couldn't possibly leave my son, Who with!? but as I said those words out loud "go on my own" that is exactly what I needed and my soul knew it. It's like she gave me permission to spend time on my own, she was also a single mother.

So I booked my Flights to Morocco for January and reached out to my village to help look after my son. The best thing I did for myself for a long time.

I could feel the excitement straight away, I needed to do this for my son, so he could have the best of me and for myself to give my best to people as I am dealing with the wellness of people everyday, I needed to be the best highest version of myself.

This was my first holiday in 3 years and the first holiday without my son for the longest time, of 6 days to be exact.

Morocco was the prefect place to unwind, destress and to fill up my cup, I needed the sun!, Winter in the UK feels too long and never ending.

I arrived in Morocco In the midst of January it felt like I was in the middle of Spring/summer, the sun was out, with a cool breeze in the evenings, every morning I would go sit in the one spot over looking the sea surrounded by nature, the birds singing, bees, butterflies and files, I didn't not care about the tiny little flies I was just so happy to be in nature! all while the sun beaming down on me.

During my 4 days, I re-exploring the city my mother was born and raised in - Tangier, I did some shopping (products I have in the spa), and 1 day I dedicated to sleep, I was on my bleed, my body decided I needed to sleep until 4pm and I listened to my body, It did me the world of good. It made me think I would love to offer a place for you to unwind and explore and connect to yourself.

I came back to the UK full of energy, and refreshed. Sometime we need to make time for ourselves. We and everyone benefits form the best version of ourselves.

What I learned from having burn out and to prevent it:

  • Listen to your body when you need time out.

  • Rest on your bleed

  • Ask for help when you need it

  • Be in daily gratitude

  • Pray or meditate daily (grounding)

  • Do something for yourself daily, even the tiniest thing

  • Journal

  • Exercise/ go for walks in nature

  • Long baths with salts, essential oil and flowers & candles

  • Visit a spa

  • Take a few days out for yourself

  • Dance

  • Drink plenty of good water

I would love to hear your recommendation on taking care of yourself to avoid burn out.

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1 Comment

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I was visiting one of my training sites on Edgware Road and came across ME ,so I stepped in and instantaneously, I felt as though I was actually in Morocco visiting a Hammam.

Sharifah kindly offered me a welcoming tea and a gown along with a full explanation of the treatment process-which most definitely gave me a sense of assurity as I was a little shy.

I entered the Hammam and was seated on to an area of complete zen and relaxation…

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