What is a Hammam

A hammam is the Arabic word which translates to “spa” or “public bath place” and can be used to refer to all baths or spas, including those in the Turkish or Roman designs.

Hammams, are public places where you go for bathing, indulge in spa treatments and cleansing rituals. A typical hammam have heated rooms by a continuous flow of warm and hot air, like a sauna and a steam room. It is a place to relax and to perform a deep body and mind cleanse, helping to release toxins effortlessly from your body and mind, leaving feeling super clean with glowing skin.

Hammams are also known as Turkish baths. The difference between the Moroccan hammam and Turkish bath is the products, and ritual technique used and in the air, the hot air in the Turkish bath is dry like a sauna, the air in the Moroccan hammam is often warm and steamy, both use the traditional exfoliation mitt (kessa) which add incredible benefits to your skin.

Spas where discovered by the Geeks in the bronze ages (4,000 years ago). Athletes washed in basins after the games, and would immerse themselves in hot springs in the healing magical water…

Later the Romans surpass the idea and built public baths around natural spring. Everyone visited the public baths in the Roman times, whether you were rich or poor, old or young, it was a place for all genders and ages, family and friends would visit to get cleansed and socialise with each other while bathing, business meeting also took place in the bath public bath spas and still do to this day.

The romans were the first to invent heated flooring, it was important to have hot rooms, sandals were worn at all times to avoid burning the feet, they had cold rooms to cool down and served light refreshments and always preformed beauty treatments, The richer romans would have spa - baths in their homes too, which they often used for entertaining their guest.

The Geeks and Romans knew self care through bathing and cleansing, was an important part of long healthy life, they understood it is an essential element of human biology and psychology.

With the expansion of the Roman Empire the idea of the public bath spread to all parts of the Mediterranean and into regions of Europe and North Africa - Morocco.

Cleansing is a very important part of the islamic faith, Morocco being an islamic country took these roman traditions and made it their own, for example all traditional hammams in morocco are segregated, there are two separate entrances for female and males, they bathe in different hammams, usually attached to the same building, still embracing the same practices visiting the hammam with your friends and family, to socialise and help each other perform the scared Moroccan hammam cleansing ritual, or you could hire a kessia (therapist) to exfoliate your skin for you.

The undeniable benefits of this treatment with the steam and heat you get from the hammam, mean there are few treatments in the world that are as effective as the beautiful cleansing ritual.

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