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The Fourth Trimester


Preparing yourself for motherhood or extending your family doesn't always go to plan, you can only try your best and trust the process of change.

Having a baby is life changing, your body changes, your lifestyle, you change as a person and that is ok, because it’s all part of your journey and growth, it’s stepping into another level in your life, that bring enlightenment and joy.

Embrace through the night feeds, sleepless nights and be patient with your body while it’s healing, don't be to hard on yourself, or rush the process, your body has gone through a painfully beautiful gateway for precious life to come into this world, the blessings you receive are magical, you have given life to unconditional love, enjoy it, even the most challenging times.

Pre-natal you actively take care of your body, by eating well & taking supplements to nourish yourself & your unborn child, you buy products to help your mind, body feel healthier, you’re honored with a baby showers & gender reveal ceremonies, go to the spa during pregnancy to feel nourished and nurtured, seeking mummy to be treatments, head & foot massages, indulge in some me time before your bundle of joy arrives.

Afterbirth, is another important time for new mothers, it’s the beginning of a new chapter a life change, most of us are not celebrated or nurtured during this time, even after we miscarry, many of us are forgotten about as mothers.

A lack of a support network can lead into post-natal depression or worse.

“Suicide is the leading cause of death in new mothers, found to be the fifth most common cause of death during pregnancy and 6 weeks after birth. However, it was the leading cause of death during the first year after pregnancy”. ~ MBRRACE-UK.

In Morocco post-natal depression is low and used to be rare, especially when new mothers were celebrated in her new journey into motherhood.

Supporting her while she is healing her body and helping the process of recovery, mentally, psychically, emotionally and spiritually, in being nourished back to good health, feeding her nutritional traditional food and heal the body through ancient rituals such as a yoni (womb) steam, nurture & cleanse her with water in a hamam. Better care of the baby will follow.

Moroccan Essentials believe that postpartum care is essential for new mothers, we nurture, support new mothers through traditional ancient postpartum treatments, in Morocco it’s an obligation to take care of new mothers, we celebrate her just like a bride, we shower her with gifts, take care of her, love her, hold & nurture her in so many ways, through giving her a space to be held and heard and loved.

Fortunately in the Western world we are becoming more open about postpartum struggles and dealing with trauma by accepting help and taking active steps towards self-care and self-love, you don't always have to put on a brave face and show you can do it all yourself, you are only human and you’ll need help, time out for you just after having a baby and to have space bonding with your baby, its essential for your healing process.

It takes a village to raise a child and a community to support the new mother.

Learn more about postpartum rituals for new mothers, these treatments will help you even if you are 20 years postpartum.

Womb (Yoni) Steam

This unique womb/yoni blend is for steaming and has been used all over the world throughout history. It is a relaxing, enjoyable and healing experience. The womb is where we hold our ability to manifest and greatest creative power. 

This blend is especially good for: 

Deep cleansing of the womb. Detoxifying any infection, stagnant or negative energy. Missing or irregular cycles. Painful periods, Tension in the womb. Reduce dark purple or brown blood at the onset of your bleed, a lighter more vibrant red is a healthier sign. 

Steaming has been found to: 

Increase fertility & cervical fluids, relaxes the cervix. Healing and tone after giving birth. Neutralize odours. Ease any pain or discomfort from the menopause including: itchiness, dryness, tension. 

Instructions on how to use and aftercare advise to deepen the treatment. Please visit

If you would like our healing, soothing womb (yoni) steam to

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