Moroccan Hammam Home Spa

Updated: Jun 2, 2020

Moroccan Hammam Home Spa

During these times when all spas are closed, more people are using self-care rituals at home.

Your spa therapist will always recommend you use treatment products at home in between spa appointments to maintain the health of your body and skin.

Using the Moroccan Hammam Set at home, here are the ritual:


Warm up your body.

Spend a minimum of 10 minutes in the bath or a warm to hot steamy shower, for your skin to soften and your pours to open. Using the bathtub is more relaxing, which passes quicker.


Black Soap

Apply 1 large tablespoon of black soap in the palm of your hands and apply all over your wet body, leave the black soap on your skin for 5 minutes for your skin to absorb all the richness of the traditional soap, then wash off all the black soap from your body.

Moroccan black soap is made from a resin, which is a byproduct of the process of making olive oil, mixed with potassium. It’s rich in fatty acids and vitamins, actively softens and moisturises the top layers of skin, preparing your skin nice and supple for step three.


Exfoliating Mitt (kess)

Rinse your Moroccan Essentials mitt/kess and start to scrub your body with the kess, you can do this in circular movem