Argan oil in a nutshell

Updated: Apr 18

Argan oil is the best-kept secret of Moroccan women for centuries. It is a 100% organic, chemical-free gift from nature. Its properties make it beneficial cosmetically and nutritionally.

The Argan tree is a rare flowering plant that grows in the Southwest Morocco only. Basically nowhere else in the world can grow it.

Once the tree is around 50 years old, it starts producing the fruits that give the liquid gold - Argan oil.

Fruits are handpicked, sun dried, then hand cracked by the local women in order to have access to the precious seeds (also called kernels).

There are two ways to make cosmetic Argan oil, the traditional way with the Argan grinder (pictured) which is time consuming as it takes 18 hours to produce 1 & 1/2 litre of Argan oil or through a special machine. The Argan oil you intake the nuts are roasted before turning it into liquid.