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RHASSOUL CLAY £9.99  100g 


How to prepare Rhassoul Clay:


1. Place 50g Rhassoul pieces in a ceramic bowl and pour 100 ml of flower water such as Rose Water or orange Blossom Water on clay, 


Use warm water to reduce the preparation time,

allow the clay to soak the water for 2 minutes.


2. Stir the preparation, if you see any undissolved clay pieces, add a little more water.


3. Apply to face and neck or/and body.


4. wait 5 minutes and wash off the clay.


Best to mositures with our liquid gold Argan oil.


Store in dark place.


Use by date 2 years.


Ingredients: 100% Rhassoul Clay

Only found in the Atlas mountains of Morocco.

Rhassoul Clay

  • Return Product within 14 days if unopened and not used.

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