How to prepare Rhassoul Clay:

1. Place 50g Rhassoul pieces in a ceramic bowl and pour 150 ml of water on clay. You can use warm water (or Rose water) to reduce the preparation time, allow the clay to soak for 2 minutes.

2. Stir the preparation after 3 minutes, if you see any undissolved clay pieces left, add a little more water (a table spoon or two) and give it more time to soak.

Only found in the Atlas mountains of Morocco.



Rhassoul Clay

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  • Moroccan Essentials Rhassoul Clay for body & face & hair.

    Rhassoul Clay is a mask for the body, it's known to be anti-aging and noushing,

    Full a lot of healing natural minerals such as Zinc, Iron, Sodium and Magnesium all which help repair damaged skin, keeps your skin soft and clear.

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