Moroccan Essentials Organic Black Soap

Known as Moroccan Savon Bildi which translates to traditional soap in Moroccan.

* 100% Natural.
* Soap soft in texture.
* Made from vitamin E-rich Moroccan olives.
* Leaving your skin feeling and looking beautifully revived, glowing, soft, nourished and radiant by exfoliating the skin.



Black Soap

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  • Moroccan Black Soap is a moisture-rich olive-based soap that prepares your skin for a deep exfoliation, removing the dead skin that is accumulated by the body surface, allowing them to be easily scrubbed away when using Moroccan Essentials Exfoliating Kessa (Glove).


    How to use:

    When you're the steam shower or bath, allow your skin to be warm and moist, before applying soap,

    Scoop a table spoon full of the tradiantal Moroccan soap-  apply all over you body, use water to spread the soap,

    Massage into open pours for full effect,

    Leave for 5 minutes,


    Scrub surface of your skin with Moroccan Essentials Exfoliating Kess (Glove) with big, deep circular movements until you see your dead skin cells rolling off your skin,

    Then rinse again.

    Now you will feel like your skin can breath.


    Best to use with Moroccan Essentials kessa glove.


    Follow with Moroccan Essentials Rhassoul Body Clay, 100% Organic Moroccan Rose Water Toning Mist and for the full affect of hammam treatment, then Mositures with Moroccan Essentials Argan oil.


    Use treatment minimum once a week for glowing, smooth skin.


    TIP: Exfoliating is a great way to prepare for your tan. Water must not touch unused savon Bildi (soap). Size: (60g) Ingredients: Water, (Olive), Potassium Hydroxide Preservative Free. Toxin Free. Not Tested on Animals. Vegan.


    Product of Morocco.

  • 3 to 5 working days.

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