A monthly Wellness Box full of love & health, healing, nourishing products benefiting your mind, body and soul.

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We created a monthly Wellness Box designed with different tools every month,

 to help with your needs on your journey with self care.

We home deliver right to your door every month, delivery is included in the price.


When you join 

You'll become a member in our private Facebook group,

Our Founder holds a monthly live tutorial, showing you how to use your monthly gifts  and performing home spa treatments

Join our community.

To learn more about our Wellness Box go to our blog 

How it works

Wellness box


Receive your Wellness box

Every month we deliver amazing products box filled with the freshest, natural organic, plant and vegan based products online, to your door. 

It feels like you are gifted each month with a box of pleasant beauty surprises.

dispatched each month. 


Become a member

Join our private Facebook group a small community of members coming together monthly, performing self-care rituals, live.

This price is limited to UK residents only, £8.50 will be added for deliveries outside the UK

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