Welcome to Moroccan Essentials Hammam Spa training.


Moroccan Essentials provide 5* spas training for the ancient hammam spa rituals.

 2 days training is required, one day theory & one day practical work,  choosing from 5 traditional journeys.

 Moroccan Essentials Hammam bathing ritual is used all around the world on land and seas.


With tailor-made holistic Moroccan Hammam products to your spas ambience.


The Moroccan Hammam treatment has lived on for thousands of years, this is used a part of a traditional postpartum ritual to nourish and nurture new mothers at one of the most crucial & important time in her life.

The ritual is still the most preferred spa treatment for stress management, relaxation, rejuvenation, healing and mental clarity, there are few treatments in the world  as effective as this beautiful cleansing ritual.


We educate your spa therapist the history of spas, the ancient wisdom treatments past down from many generations, the vital unique products used in a Moroccan Hammam and their benefits, all through theory and practical work.


We are committed to helping you give the best service, with maximising your therapist knowledge and great customer satisfaction.

For more details on Moroccan Hammam training, please contact us at spa@moroccanessentials.co.uk for further information.


Benefits of Moroccan Essentials training:


Providing quality and efficiency in treatment performance


Theory and practical work

Discovering the history of hammams and the health benefits

Teaching your spa therapist how to implement the rituals to your spa 

Learning ancient traditional treatments


Learning how to preform a deep body cleanse 

Product training

Option of retailing products

Avoids staff burn out

Low set- up cost high gross profit

Certificate issued on completion of course.

We also provide retail products for your spa.

© Pure Natural Organic Skin Care. Against animal testing. Vegan.

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