This unique womb/yoni blend is for steaming and has been used all over the world throughout history. It is a relaxing, enjoyable and healing experience.


These herbs are mainly organic (75%).  


One packet contains enough herbs for 2 pots of steam. Each pot can be used for two to three consecutive days. So a single order has enough for 4-6 steams depending if you keep the water in the pot for 2 or 3 days.


Alternatively, if you have an infection use one whole packet for a stronger steam. Please always use filtered water and keep the lid on the pot when not is use. This allows the water to soak all the herbs essence for a greater intensity.

I recommend using them consecutively if you have had any form of infection, trauma, friction, missing period (animaria). The more severe the issue the more I would steam,


Never ever steam when bleeding.

If there are no areas of concern, steaming once a week is great in order to reconnect to the womb and your deepest womanhood, once a month.


This blend​ is especially good for:

★ Deep cleansing of the womb. Detoxifying any infection, stagnant or negative


★ Anomaria, missing or irregular cycles.

★ Painful periods, cramps and tension in the womb.

★ Reduce dark purple or brown blood at the onset of your bleed, a lighter more

vibrant red is a healthier sign.

Steaming​ has been found to:

★ Increase fertility, increases cervical fluids, relaxes the cervix and vaginal canal.

★ Healing and tone after giving birth.

★ Neutralize odours.

★ Assist with the break down of scar tissue.

★ Ease any pain or discomfort from the menopause including: itchiness, dryness,


★ Ease pain during sex.


★ Create a deeper connection to your womanhood, feminine power, mother earth and creative centre. The womb is where we hold our ability to manifest and greatest creative power.


To maximise the effects of the steam try to make time to lie down, wrapped in a towel or robe directly afterwards. Similar to Savasana in yoga, this allows your whole system to truly absorb all the benefits of the steam.


WARNING: Never​ steam when you are on your period, spotting, have any open wounds or sores in that area, have an IUD fitted or are pregnant. Leave a day of two after your period before steaming!



20-40 minutes is ideal

Fill a large pan (with a lid) full of boiling, filtered water. Sprinkle in the herbs. Put on the lid and set it on a medium heat on the hob. Leave for around 8-10 minutes. You don’t want to to let it boil over, you are are aiming to create a lot of steam build up that will carry on releasing over at least 15-20 minutes. Be very careful not to scald yourself with steam so check the temperature as you lower over the pot before covering with any towel or blanket.


While the herbs are heating prepare your seat. It is important to get the right height of the pot to your yoni, too close and the steam could scald you, please be careful! and enjoy.


We also have Frankincense you can use for a yoni steam. 


25g each.

Yoni (womb) steam herbs

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