Moroccan Essentials Rhassoul Clay for body & face.

Rhassoul Clay is a mask for the body, it's known to be anti-aging and noushing,


Full a lot of healing natural minerals such as Zinc, Iron, Sodium and Magnesium all which help repair damaged skin, keeps your skin soft and clear.

How to prepare Rhassoul Clay:

1. Place 75g Rhassoul pieces in a ceramic bowl and pour 150 ml of water on clay. You can use warm water (or Rose water) to reduce the preparation time, allow the clay to soak for 2 minutes.

2. Stir the preparation after 3 minutes, if you see any undissolved clay pieces left, add a little more water (a table spoon or two) and give it more time to soak.

Only found in the Atlas mountains of Morocco.




Rhassoul Mud Mask For Face & Body

  • Used in the hammam / spas as part of a body cleansing ritual, it is used a mask treatments, for all skin types. The ultra-fine exfoliating grains of Rhassoul are rich in minerals, such as iron, sodium, potassium, zinc, that deeply penetrate into skin pores and gently draw out impurities, dirt, and oil. It naturally brightens up dull complexion to reveal beautiful, purified, and pampered skin. Rhassoul’s luxurious cocktail of nourishing minerals and vitamins powerfully cleanses and repairs skin, leaving your face and body cleansed, soft and glowing. It’s the perfect natural alternative to traditional facial masks and scrubs that are filled with artificial ingredients and processed additives. For the complete traditional Moroccan Hammam/Spa experience, follow your Rhassoul mud mask facial session with our best-selling 100% Pure Organic Argan Oil. The Benefits of Rhassoul mud Include: Exfoliates, cleanses and detoxifies skin without harmful chemicals, Draws out excess oil and impurities and restore them with minerals, Visibly minimizes the appearance of pores, Removes blackheads and whiteheads Restores skin firmness and promotes elasticity, Strengthens skin barrier, Powerful anti-Inflammatory properties, Boosts collagen production and heals damaged tissue, Ingredients: 100% Natural Rhassoul Clay Mask sourced from the Atlas Mountains in Morocco. Fair-trade and Cruelty-free. For Face, apply 25ml of Rhassoul to face and neck, wait for a few minutes for your face to absorb all the wonderful natural minerals this mud offers, then wash off for beautiful skin. After using the amount you need for your exfoliation, store the remaining Rhassoul paste in a sealed container in your fridge. It will stay fresh for up to 2 months. Preservative Free. Toxin Free. Not Tested on Animals. Vegan. Organic and chemical free. 100% free of irritant.

© Pure Natural Organic Skin Care. Against animal testing. Vegan.

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