About ME

Welcome to Moroccan Essentials (ME)

Our Mission 

To provide & restore holistic ancient sacred  Moroccan practices & treatments, through education and natural skin care that have lived on for centuries.

Welcome to discovering traditional Moroccan spa ancient wisdom and holistic techniques.

Moroccan Essentials is reviving and restoring the traditional Moroccan Hammam bathing rituals through education and awareness. 

Time has proven the authentic Moroccan Hammam wisdom improves your health, gives you a glow of radiants, clear soft skin and contributing to overall wellness of the mind body and soul.


The Moroccan cleansing ritual is the most preferred treatment of all time.

Learn, discover and implement the scared ancient rituals wisdom, secrets held and past down to generations by our ancestors for thousands of years.

We provide educational in-house training to all spas nationally, internationally and on seas.


 We provide a service that brings uniqueness to your guest journey at your spa.

For more information about training please contact us here info@moroccanessentials.co.uk



Our luxury range is full of important minerals to contribute the body to function well, suited to all skin types, straight from mother earth containing natural healing elements to balance and nature your body, mind and connecting you back to your soul.

​​Moroccan Essentials work closely with our suppliers in Morocco, we ensure our skin care products are the best, natural untouched soil, straight from the source and carried out in the most ethical way, treated with love & care.

Giving back 

We are donating a percentage of our profits to a Argan care and charity in Morocco that help preserve and replant argan tress. 

In the last few years argan tress are rapidly disappearing by 60%, The Argan trees in Morocco are only found in this part of the world.

Becoming a stockist

For more information to become our stockist please contact us here spa@moroccanessentials.co.uk.


© Pure Natural Organic Skin Care. Against animal testing. Vegan.

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